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According to polls, 70% of Americans do not want Joe Biden to run again. Even 51% of Democrats would prefer him not to run anymore. Joe Biden, now 82 ( and not 80 as the Flemish press claims ) is senile. His promotional video " let's finish the job " ( what job ? the elite's agenda ? ) is being smugly received by many.

Donald Trump of course did not miss the opportunity and made his own compilation of Joe Biden's failed policies. He chops it up firmly.

Very surprising but yet again not so much is that the Flemish press sees no objection in Joe Biden running again. His age ( 83 by the time the next election takes place and 87 should he unexpectedly take up a second term ) is no problem. His senility and record of ridiculous appearances and ditto speeches is silenced to death.

On the contrary. He is lauded for his achievements while the USA has never been in worse shape than it is now and Joe Biden has literally pushed the country into the abyss.

Even worse is the observation that interpretive broadcast have journalists and America connoisseurs bluntly proclaiming that the other Democratic candidates are of no weight whatsoever. Most certainly not Robert F. Kennedy because is he is a staunch anti-vaxxer. The man is being framed and otherwise also silenced to death.

Where until recently all MSM agreed that Donald Trump should under no circumstances be allowed to run again now that he is being prosecuted in court for surely terrible crimes, the tide has completely turned. Today, they do think it is a good thing. After all, Trump is also an old fart of 76 so if he clinches the nomination for the Republicans, the problem of Joe Biden's age falls away.

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