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Tucker Carlson is one of the few anchors who reports the news as it is. He is often taken to task by the corrupt MSM, questioned and qualified as anti-this and anti-that because his reporting puts every single time a sore finger on a festering wound but no pin can be stuck in what he says because it's always backed up with solid evidence.

Tucker is since long a big thorn in the Democrats' eye. He doesn't toe the line and denounces everything. When it emerged that he had been put in possession of a lot of footage regarding the alleged storming of the Capitol on 6 January 2020 which showed that the Democrats had lied firmly about the facts and things were not at all as presented and reported on a daily base, the fence was completely off the hook. Tucker showed the world footage that the Democrats had withheld and which clearly showed that the whole thing has been staged.

The Biden administration was furious and other media outlets outraged that they had not - at first hand - obtained those images. There was however nothing to be said about the images themselves for they are what they are and seriously discredit the Democrats.

Rather than prosecute the culprits for their lies and dishonesty, there were increasing voices calling for Tucker to be fired. Murdoch was directly challenged. " Throw him out " they said

The temper blew over. Tucker stayed in his chair. With millions of viewers, he was the golden boy of Fox News.

But ... when Tucker also publicly denounced the election fraud via Dominion during the 2016 election and made it clear that the election results had been rigged ( of which, to be clear, there is also overwhelming evidence ), it was a bridge too far.

Not the Democrats but Dominion, at the Democrats' behest, sued Fox News for defamation. To the surprise of many, Murdoch immediately reached an amicable settlement that consisted of the immediate payment of $787.5 million. Supposedly to avoid litigation.

There must have been other terms that cannot bear the light of day including the layoff of Tucker who presented his last show on Friday, 21 April 2023.

Yesterday, 26 April 2023, Fox News announced itself in a news release that they had parted ways with Tucker Carlson in common consent with many thanks for services rendered. Another word for resignation with a premium.

The news hit like a bomb. Some media outlets carried the message in the style of " good riddance " , others were more moderate and stated that Tucker himself had resigned. Still others mocked Tucker, including - how could it be otherwise - the Flemish HLN which smugly announced that he could immediately start working at a Russian channel.

Whether Murdoch is also as happy with the current developments remains highly questionable. Fox News, meanwhile, has already lost more than one million viewers and its market value has dropped by $600 million since the announcement of Tucker's departure. The whole affair could cost Murdoch a lot more than the compensation he paid to Dominion.

And Tucker ? He doesn't care a bit. Just before leaving Fox News, he spoke in front of a large audience and answered questions.

A few days later, that is on 27 April 2023, Tucker published a first video via his own media channel in which he expressed his reservations about the state of affairs in the media landscape and concluded with the words " see you soon ".

It looks like Tucker will now shift up a few gears. He doesn't need to work anymore to pay his bills. It is a matter of principle and he will exhaust it now even more than before.

Strange but true, Flemish national broadcaster VRT included the integral video in an objective article and translated the content of Tucker's speech, without narrowing comments.

US outlets also covered his speech in prime-time although they only showed limited footage clips of it without sound.

Interestingly, they did however underline Tucker's accusation that there are no adversarial debates on any topic ( where else have we seen that ? ).

Don Lemon, another anchor who was recently fired by CNN and who has in the past systematically lashed out very viciously at, among others, Donald Trump and the anti-vaxxers during his broadcast, is now also speaking out and has made it known to the public that he has been pressured to act in this way with the clear message that if he didn't he would be ousted.

There is still hope that the tide will one day turn. The current entanglements might completely unexpectedly have a boomerang effect.

Spicy detail : the Gates foundation has "philantropic partnerships" with just about every media outlet. The same goes for Soros.

But not everything can be bought with money. Some things money cannot buy.

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