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Since the earthquakes in south-eastern Turkey and Syria ( 68 on Feb 06, 25 on Feb 27 and 21 on Feb 8 2023 ), there has been much controversy as to whether this was a natural phenomenon, as the media repetedly state, or manufactured by some superpower, as a lot of other voices claim.

A few hours before the first earthquake, unexplainable and unexplained blue-coloured lightning strikes or at least something resembling a lightning strike has been observed in several places. Many conclude from this event that the subsequent earthquakes are not a natural phenomenon but were fabricated, which incidentally is also the thesis of the mayor of Ankara who has been sending warnings into the world since 2017.

Before looking for the " whodunit ", the first thing to figure out is whether a manufactured earthquake is possible at all and, if so, how and in what way.

The answer to this question is : yes, it exists.

Nikola Tesla already invented an " earthquake machine " in 1896.

Forbes magazine devoted an article to it on 07 January 2020.

The story goes as follows :

" Nikola Tesla is famous today for his work in the field of electricity and energy. He developed the alternating current system, which allowed electricity to be transmitted over long distances, and also worked on wireless communication and energy transmission.

In 1896, Tesla worked on oscillations for energy transmission. The idea was to make a steam-powered oscillator that could generate different frequencies. If the frequency matched the resonant frequency, a receiving device would have to convert the mechanical oscillations back into an electric current.

By 1897, the device was ready, and in 1898, he is said to have succeeded in making his laboratory at 48 E. Houston St. in New York vibrate to such an extent that alarmed neighbours called the police and an ambulance for fear of an earthquake. Tesla later explained this principle to reporter Allan L. Besnson, who published an article on Tesla's resonator in The World Today magazine in February 1912:

"He put his little vibrator in his coat pocket and went hunting for a half-erected steel building. In the Wall Street district, he found one, ten stories of steel with no brick or stone around it. He clamped the vibrator onto one of the beams and fiddled with the adjustment until he got it right.

Tesla said the structure eventually started creaking and weaving and the steelworkers hit the ground in a panic, believing there had been an earthquake. The police were called. Tesla put the vibrator in his pocket and left. Ten more minutes and he could have put the building on the street. And with the same vibrator, he could have dropped the Brooklyn Bridge into the East River in less than an hour."

Tesla imagined using the waves generated by his invention for peaceful applications. One device would convert electricity into vibrations. Tesla would then use rocks in the ground to send the vibrations to a second device. This receiving device would capture the vibrations and convert them into electricity, for local use. In fact, Tesla said, the device, consisting of a piston vibrating in a cylinder, was already powerful enough to vibrate an entire building. Only one precaution was needed. If it was powerful enough, so Tesla said, his machine could match the frequency of the earth and even cause earthquakes. Yet in the 1930s, Tesla imagined using smaller devices to extract energy from the earth, in this case to prevent earthquakes. However, Tesla's "telegeodynamic" system never got beyond the prototype. In reality, the device was not powerful enough to send the energy far enough. The damping of vibrations by structures and the ground was far too strong. Another of Tesla's ideas had more success. He imagined using the vibrations generated by his device to probe the subsurface. Waves sent to the subsurface would be reflected off obstacles or various rocks. By observing the returning waves, a geologist could see the subsurface. It is this basic idea that modern seismologists use. Energy pulses, generated by electromagnetic devices, controlled explosions or mechanical pistons, sent deep into the subsurface are reflected or deflected by geological structures. The reflected signals can then be used to reconstruct a model of the subsurface."

On 02 October 2008, the French TV channel I-Télé aired a documentary entitled " HAARP, can the climate be controlled ? "

The video ( see link below ) explains in great detail what a HAARP installation can do and what experiments the USA had already carried out at that time, including the causing of earthquakes.

Meanwhile, we are almost 15 years further. You can imagine the extent to which HAARP technology has continued to evolve in all these years.

In 2014, French TV channel TV5 MONDE aired a documentary in which is explained that an earthquake machine has been invented by Russia during the Cold War which had the power of a small nuclear power plant.

The machine has been successfully tested. Small earthquakes were produced. The video shows the result of the tests.

At the time there was said that if this machine were to be placed on a tectonic fault line, major disasters could be caused.

The Russian earthquake machine was sold to the Americans at the end of the Cold War. Nobody knows where this machine is now and what the USA has done with it. It is however certain that the Americans did not hide this earthquake machine in some closet.

In 2015, the Italian TV channel RAI2 similarly aired a documentary showing that earthquakes can also be caused with ELF ( extreme low frequency ). HAARP is also featured in this documentary.

Now that the question whether an earthquake machine exists has been confirmed, the answer to every subsequent question is also yes. There is no way that a superpower possessing a devastating technology would not use it if and whenever it suits it, and certainly not if it can carelessly dismiss the consequences of such use as a natural phenomenon.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods, extreme drought, extreme rainfall or freezing temperatures, complete control and manipulation of the climate, it is all possible.

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