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In a previous article, we raised the question of what happens to processed PCR tests. In the absence of concrete evidence of what is effectively done with the samples, we were only able to draw an indirect conclusion - based on available elements - that the DNA of all persons undergoing PCR testing is used, registered and stored. We did not ( yet ) have any direct evidence. The team of researchers however continued to dig deeper and finally found a video of a recording in the House of Representatives in the Netherlands from 18.11.2020 which provides direct evidence.

Below is a transcript of MP Tunahan Kuzu's speech :

" Chairman, finally, a point about what happens to people's DNA and body materials when they get corona tested in good faith. A fortnight ago, I also talked about this. A lot of people in society are worried about what happens to their materials. Will my DNA be shared with others? Will my body materials be used for research? Who will all have access to the DNA materials? Concerns of many Dutch people that unfortunately turns out to be true.

After I asked about this in the previous debate, the minister's letter revealed that our fears are actually real. Laboratories can store body material from people, up to three months. Laboratories can conduct research with those body materials. And body materials are also shared with third parties. And chairman, that is actually quite shocking, when you consider that without people knowing, or asking permission, body materials or DNA material is being used for research. And shared with people you don't know what happens to it.

That is why it is important that consent is asked at the front end here, from people. Why is this consent not actually asked? Why doesn't anyone know this and are people not being told this? With which researchers is this data actually shared? This lack of transparency is exactly why people don't trust the tests. And to think that this government actually wants everyone in the Netherlands to be tested monthly by March. Chairman, "THINK" once clear. And I conclude. DNA and body materials belong to people themselves. If that is used for research, information should be provided about it and permission should be requested at the front and I'm going to submit a motion on that in the second term as well. Thank you."

In the Netherlands, the DNA of all people who have undergone a PCR test is reportedly stored by laboratories for 3 months. An ( internal ) letter from the health minister to other MPs confirmed this in November 2020. However, this has never been made public. No formal announcements. No legislation or regulations have been issued. The media has never reported about it.

Moreover, there is no control over the destination given by hospitals and laboratories to the processed PCR tests containing DNA from every citizen, nor the length of time they are kept, nor any sanction if they keep the DNA for more than 3 months or sell the processed samples to third parties for commercial purposes. The DNA is " shared " with third parties. Who are these third parties and what do they do with your DNA material ?

MEP Tunahan Kuzu's speech goes back to 18.11.2020. That is more than 2 years ago. What has the Rutte government done with this? Nothing. The matter has been swept under the carpet. Citizens' rights have been and continue to be violated with knowledge. Those who do not know can invoke a ground of discharge. Those who know but continue to commit violations,are guilty of a crime punishable by law.

It is no different in Belgium, France Germany, the UK, the US and all other countries that have subjected citizens to forced PCR testing. The only difference with the Netherlands is that in all the other countries no Member of Parliament has had the political courage to raise this grave violation of civil rights. Not even within the EU Parliament. They just let any and all get on with it. This also makes them criminals.

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