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Following the so-called "unexpected visit " of Zelensky to the Netherlands ( for which our Alexander cleared his agenda to be there without any problem), his equally "unexpected visit" to the International Criminal Court and subsequent speech in The Hague where he - notwithstanding the fatigue he accumulated during his earlier visit to Finland where, in consultation with the Americans, the positioning of military installations and American troops on Finnish territory at the border with Russia was negotiated - put down a stellar speech where he stated " we would all like to see another Vladimir standing here - the Flemish media has in recent days drummed up a few " experts " who came to explain why this other Vladimir " has not yet " been brought before the ICC.

The biggest nonsense has rolled out of their mouths. Time for a correction.

1./ The International Criminal Court is a permanent court for prosecuting persons suspected of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes, as defined in the Rome Statute.

2./ Russia has never accepted the ICC's jurisdiction. Therefore, under the Rome Statute, the ICC has no jurisdiction to trial Putin.

3./ The International Criminal Court is all the more incompetent now that the UN Security Council ruled several months ago that there is no evidence of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes by Russia.

4./ The International Criminal Court is not neutral and objective.

On 17 March 2023, it issued an international arrest warrant against Putin. This was a unilateral decision based on allegations by Ukraine that were not contradictory investigated.

This arrest warrant was not issued for genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes but because a Russian organization had allegedly transferred Ukrainian children to Russia and Putin was allegedly, allegedly co-responsible for this.

Conversely, Russia has petitioned the International Criminal Court several times, urging it to appoint a panel of independent experts to investigate, among other things, the alleged Butcha massacre ( other investigations have been requested ). However, the International Criminal Court ignores all such requests.

5./ The Nuremberg tribunal was set up in 1945 by prosecutors from the US, Russia, Britain and France and aimed to try 24 German leaders. The chief prosecutor was US judge Robert H. Jackson. Back then, the Rome Statute did not exist. That statute only came into being in 1998 and from there the International Criminal Court ( ICC ) was established in 2002.

Contrary to what the " experts " in the media claim, it is not possible to establish a new Nuremberg Tribunal ( or something similar ).

Since the creation of the UN ( 25.04.1945 ), a Security Council consisting of 15 permanent members was also established. It is only when the Security Council decides by majority vote that a country violates the rules cited above that the ICC can in principle take action against that country's leader and all those involved, if any.

6./ The ICC's arrest warrant against Putin is completely irregular and intended only as a media stunt. This immediately explains why so many leaders of countries have condemned this arrest warrant and why certain countries, including South Africa, have withdrawn from the ICC.

7./ On the other hand, the International Court of Justice ( also in The Hague ) has exclusive jurisdiction over conflicts between nations. Russia is asking for a trial against Ukraine but even those requests are ignored. To initiate a trial before the ICJ, a criminal investigation must first be conducted and that does not happen no matter how many times Russia requests it.

The Security Council is now presided by Lavrov, Russia's representative. There has been much criticism by the media about his appointment in which, however, they have generously " forgotten " that the Rome Statute is binding and no permanent member has opposed to it ( except the US of course but this opposition has different reasons than what many think ). Since he took office, Lavrov has very serenely explained the real situation ( see earlier article with his speech ).

Ukraine is a Hollywood production. The Western press accuses Russia of propaganda while they themselves are the biggest producers of false information and propaganda. Russia has evidence of everything it says. She also makes those proofs known but the West blocks all Russian channels. We are not allowed to know.

The West, on the other hand, has only allegations and empty accusations that are unsubstantiated and, when attempted, turn out to be set-up games.

Above all, let us not forget that the " war" is situated in the Donbas, i.e. the east of the country, and nothing is going on in the rest of the country ( or at least not much other than the occasional bombing of an arms depot, ammunition dump or bio-lab ).

That the Americans tried to assassinate Putin should be taken seriously. The drones shot down over the Kremlin carried 17 kg of explosives. That is no futility. Ukraine, through Zelensky, claims they had nothing to do with it and the Americans also vehemently deny it. So what does the Western press say ? That Putin staged the whole thing himself to justify a new offensive on Ukraine.

Just like with the blowing up of the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline. The Russians allegedly did that themselves too.

They lie about everything. It's about time that the shells fall from the people's eyes. Corruption is present in all layers and celebrates its highest days. Unfortunately also in the judiciary. It is good that corruption is now getting a face there too.

That Zelensky, as a president always appears on stage in the same " military " outfit is part of the puppet theater. The man is a bad actor playing the role of a lifetime, reeling off what they whisper in his ears. It is pathetic.

The President of the ICC ( on the right in the picture ) thanked Zelensky for his cooperation and benevolently took a photo with him. In doing so, however, he committed a capital mistake. Judges are NOT allowed to have contact with a party. They are not allowed to meet them outside the courtroom, let alone speak to a party. The man should resign and if he does not do so voluntarily, be impeached.

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