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We are all groaning under high energy prices. The press and government have stated that the soaring prices of fuel oil, diesel, petrol and gasoline were due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, more specifically that little man who turned off the tap and opposes tot he current world order. A bit later, they reluctantly admitted that high inflation was also partly to blame. However, that the inflation finds its origine in the global corona measures, lock-downs, the huge fall-out of staff due to the many, repetitive, quarantines and absurd testing protocols, which have severely disrupted production processes, no one gets over their lips. Governments are trying to soften the bitter pill for the population by stating that they are looking for solutions to reduce the high prices. So far, without success. Prices drop periodically due to the temporary reduction in taxes and custom duties but still remain extremely high. Real solutions have not yet been devised.

The EU did very thoughtfully declare that we should become more independent but by the time this plan will be worked out and operational, our little ones will be adults. Though, a very efficient solution that could solve the energy problem in no time and provide us, at limited cost with endless and cheap diesel, petrol, fuel oil and even gas is growing in our own backyard for at least 5 years.

In 2015 a French company, Earth Wake, invented a machine that can transform plastic back to its original state. Of course, we all know that plastic is made from petroleum. That all the oceans and seas are bursting with this stuff, a lot of plastic washes up on beaches which is very bad for the environment, fauna and flora is also common knowledge since widely reported by the media and environmental activists. Rightly so, by the way. But, that there is a way to convert plastic - of which billions of tonnes are freely available - back to petroleum, we hear nothing about. Why is that ?

Project Chrysalis. How do they do it?

The plastic waste is placed in a steel reactor and heated without oxygen to a temperature above 400 C°. This process is called pyrolysis. The heating breaks up the plastic molecules and returns them to their original petroleum state. With 1 kg of plastic, 650 grams of diesel can be made or 160 grams of petrol, 100 grams of gas with only as little as 7 grams of waste or residue. Everything that is polyethylene or polypropylene can be used so also caps of shampoo bottles, soda bottles, all plastic packaging and so on. The whole process takes barely 1.5 hours. That the formula works well has long been established. In 2018, Earth Wake launched its first pilot project in the city of Antibes and demonstrated that with one collection of plastic waste, its own truck can be supplied with enough diesel to drive around for an entire day. In 2019, Earth Wake presented a new, much more powerful version of its machine in Nice that can process up to 200 kg of plastic waste per day. With the necessary funding, large plastic waste processing plants could be built all over Europe that could produce enough fuel oil, diesel, petrol and gas to supply everyone indefinitely. Why is this not happening? Why are billions being thrown around for a multitude of useless expenses but not for something as fundamental as energy supply that could also solve a major environmental problem ?

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