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Statement under oath from Dr Fleming, a renowned cardiologist and author of hundreds of studies and reports as well as the recently published book " Covid19, a bioweapon ".

" gain of function has been done for many years by the US "

" there is no evidence that Covid19 is a natural agent "

" there are no animal models of Covid19 "

" the Biological Weapon Convention Treaty states that any modification or alteration of a biological agent ( which does not occur in nature ), such as this virus that provides no benefit to humanity, is a bioweapon "

" genetic changes were made to the virus in a lab "

Watch and listen to Dr Fleming's statements under oath at this link :

For those who are interested, in this link the English version of the Convention in question :

For those who want to read the Treaty in another language, click here and furthermore on the language of your choice ( in the grey box ) :

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