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They do it everywhere. In the UAE, they use cloud seeding to artificially create rain because it hardly ever rains there, which sometimes goes wrong, resulting in floods, but they also do it in our region to make citizens believe there is a climate crisis. The opposite, i.e. the artificial creation of periods of long drought, also happens for the same reason. This technology too has been around for a long time. China used this technology during the 2008 Beijing Olympics because they wanted at all costs to avoid rainfall during the opening ceremony and subsequent games. It was an expensive prank that made the international press. Everyone was talking about it but no one considered that the weather was being manipulated. Since then, the technique is often used. Sometimes for good purposes but often not.

During the first corona lockdown ( March to May 2020 ) not a single drop of rain has fallen out of the sky during 2 full months. Temperatures up tot 30° have been measures during the month of April. Do you believe that was a natural event ?

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