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Why are they doing this? For the accommodation of refugees ? If so, from where and why ? Or, because ... there is another pandemic in the pipeline that - as previously announced by Fauci, Bill Gates and Joe Biden - will be many times worse than what we have known so far and will lead to compulsory quarantine outside one's home ?

The construction of these huge container parks in China immediately recalls the creepy, dystopian short film in a previous article

We better prepare ourselves well. Mentally and materially. And, also be aware that no one will come to our rescue. Not Putin, not Xi, not our government. Economically, they may be clashing in an attempt to seize power but they are all on the same side about the fate of mankind. Only we can save ourselves by not going along with the narrative they will present to us - again - this autumn, next year or in 2025. It will happen within this time frame.

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