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The screenshot below of a chat conversation between UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock shows they already knew very well in the early days what was really going on and that they collaborated in the biggest hoax in world history.

This information is not new. On 25 January 2020 ( or over a month before the alleged outbreak in Lombardy ), the Joint Commission submitted a report that explicitly stated that the largest risk group for Sars-Cov2 was the elderly + 65 and the category of persons with comorbidities including obesity and both infection and infectivity were limited. Similar to Mers and Sars-Cov1.

The Joint Comission consisted of a team of scientists along the Chinese side and some Americans. This report was never made public and its contents kept secret.

With successive lockdowns, staggering numbers of tests and quarantines, the world has been uselessly strangled. The human suffering - mainly in the category of the elderly in residential care homes and the categoie of the teenagers - cannot be described in words. The economy has completely collapsed. And, much worse, 6 billion people have been persuaded by their governments to be vaccinated with an experimental product that does not work but causes many side effects in all age groups with potentially fatal results.

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