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CEO Stephane Bancel of Moderna admits that the company had already produced 100,000 doses of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine in 2019, before there was a pandemic,, he also already knew back then that there would be a pandemic in 2020 and had wondered with his team how they could produce 1 billion vaccines in 2020.

Now let us think out loud :

In November 2019, an outbreak of an extremely dangerous virus was allegedly identified in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, which was also home to a lab that experimented with gain of function of viruses and was funded by the USA and ... Moderna. Anthony Fauci has dirty hands.

Very curiously, that virus, named Sars-Cov2, did not spread it outside Hubei province but reportedly spread at lightning speed in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia and other nations.

On 13.01.2020, the genome of the virus was reportedly isolated.

23 sequences. Not according to Koch's postulates but according to a computer model. That genome was reportedly used as the basis for the development of a vaccine which is now simply admitted to have existed BEFORE a pandemic broke out AND, moreover, it has been established ( also based on admissions by the same Stephane Bancel ) that 13 of the 23 sequences of that genome were already patented by Moderna in 2016 in the context of cancer research.

However, the picture only becomes complete with the mention that Moderna had already filed a patent application in 2018 for an mRNA vaccine that it renamed in February 2020 as Covid19 vaccine which it had already manufactured in 2019, as well as the knowledge that Moderna has sued Pfizer for infringement of its patent rights.

How did Moderna manage to develop an mRNA vaccine as early as 2018 against a virus that did not officially exist and produce 100,000 vials of that mRNA vaccine as early as 2019 ? By the way, the same goes for Pfizer, which already started production of its mRNA product in April 2020 because, as CEO Bourla stated back then, otherwise, they could not have 1 billion vaccines ready by the end of 2020.

Above all, let us not forget that a huge amount of PCR kits were traded between a multitude of countries in 2017, 2018 and 2019. When this came to light, this too was laughed away as a conspiracy theory. All the data on the website changed overnight from Polymere Chain Reaction Test kit to Medical test kit. No government ever disclosed where the tens of millions of PCR tests ( which were not available in the early days ) suddenly came from, who had manufactured them, when they were supplied, by whom and at what price.

How much more evidence is needed before governments can and will have to admit that the whole thing was planned long in advance and the conspiracy theory is not a theory but a reality ?

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