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Vanguard has its own news service and has been the first to announce on April 3 2023 that the BRICS countries are developing a new currency to sideline the dollar, at the instigation of Russia

The project for the new currency will be presented at the BRICS leaders' summit in August. This forum marked the start of international events at the Sint- Petersburg International Economic Forum 2023.

Several other countries have expressed interest in joining the BRICS bloc, including Argentina, Iran, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. South Africa will host the next BRICS summit in August.

According to, there is also a possibility of a single currency within BRICS, possibly backed by gold and other commodities, such as rare earth metals or land.

At the India-Russia Business Forum, Babakov stressed that India and Russia should "establish a new economic association with a new shared currency". He was quoted by India TV as saying, "New Delhi, Beijing and Moscow are the nations now establishing a multipolar world endorsed by the majority of governments. "Its composition must be based on the establishment of new monetary ties based on a strategy that does not defend the US dollar or euro, but forms a new currency capable of achieving our common goals."

That Vanguard is bringing this news is very remarkable. immediately followed in its footsteps, on the heels of other international media outlets.

This is yet another clear indication that the US dollar as a reserve currency is over and out.

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