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On Monday 13 March 2023 Britain's biggest banks were given a 24-hour deadline to save Silicon Valley Bank UK (SVB UK) from collapse as the Bank of England prepared to place the bank in insolvency proceedings.

Some of the biggest high street banks were expected to explore the prospects of a deal, although the chances of any of them intervening seemed slim as they themselves are taking hits on the stock market and their market share has fallen sharply in recent days.

The deadline passed without a deal. It was therefore likely that Silicon Valley UK would also be closed unless investment bank Rotschild still put in a solution. According to a Sky News source, he has been asked, with the Bank of England's permission, to handle the fast-track process.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt told the Sky News program Sophy Ridge that there was a serious risk to the technology and life sciences sector which includes pharmaceutical companies.

On Monday night, Silicon Valley UK was sold to the bank HSBC for the price of ... £1.

Great deal for the buyer who, in return for its one symbolic pound investment, receives tangible equity of +- £1.4 billion and £5.5 billion in repayable loans as well as £6.7 billion in SVB UK deposits.

Deposit holders in the UK are insured under law to a maximum of £85,000 sterling. They can recover that sum with certainty. What about the rest of their savings remains to be seen.

How a sale at barely £1 is possible, and in just 24 hours ? Follow the money. It's all one and the same pot.

Who are the biggest shareholders of the bank HSBC ?

The investment companies Blackrock and Vanguard which in turn are largely owned by the Rotschilds. Now, Blackrock and Vanguard had several hundred million deposits at Silicon Valley Bank California, which they may have lost for not being insured and are obviously trying to recover, albeit in a different underhand way.

The scheme in the UK is causing panic in the US. Do you feel it coming ?

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