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The Twitter saga has exposed extensive contacts between the FBI and Twitter employees in which the first cited explicitly asked to shadow or worse, block or delete specific profiles in the context of alleged Covid19 " disinformation ".

What however always has been hushed up is that in reality it went much further than that. In fact there was and is a formal government programme running explicitly dedicated to "fighting Covid-19 disinformation" or any information that went against the narrative of the governments which all participating countries had decided.

Every dissenting voice had to be excluded so that the people could hear and see only one voice : that of state propaganda, which is an established big lie.

Pro memoria, Joe Biden did not take up his mandate until January 2021 which means Donald Trump has equally dirty hands on that score. If he did not decide it himself, he at least allowed it.

The banning and blocking of users was not limited to the United States. The EU Commission, also issued the same programme on Ursula von der Leyen's instructions, which had to be applied by all social media platforms operating within the EU and the by individual member states.

As part of this programme, all social media platforms had, as from August 2020, to submit monthly ( and subsequently bimonthly ) reports to the governments of each country stating their censorship efforts. Pro memoria, former Belgian federal health minister Maggie De Block announced that very moment on her own website that she had conducted an agreement with Facebook to fight disinformation. This was no different in all other participating countries.

Below is an overview of these reports, which you can freely consult via this link :

The European Commission's website states that the reports contain information on shadowed and deleted content containing false and/or misleading information that could cause physical harm or harm public health policies ( which is exactly the wording Facebook used when deleting posts and blocking accounts ).

Thanks to the data collected by Elon Musk after the Twitter takeover, it is known that in order to meet EU expectations, Twitter suspended 11,230 accounts and that it not only reported to the EU on its censorship measures against accounts in the EU, but worldwide. For Facebook, the number of account suspensions runs into the several millions. It was and still is commonplace. .

The fight against so-called disinformation is not limited to Covid19 and vaccinations, but also against all those who dare to speak against the narrative on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and any other topic.

On 01.12.2022, the EU Commission further expanded its disinformation hubs and announced the creation of six new anti-information hubs that will become part of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO), the independent platform for fact checkers, academic researchers and other stakeholders who contribute to tackling disinformation in Europe.

The new hubs, which now cover all EU countries, are operational since early 2023, complementing the current eight hubs already in place since 2021. They will contribute to the creation of a multidisciplinary community to create a network that can detect and analyse disinformation campaigns, organise media literacy activities at national or multinational level and other activities to support the fight against disinformation.

Vice president for values and transparency, Věra Jourová said, "Transparency, awareness-raising and fact-checking are among the main tools we have to fight online disinformation. We make sure this is done efficiently and that the results are available to every European. We will continue to build on the expertise of the European Digital Media Observatory under the Code of Conduct on Disinformation. This will also strengthen efforts to counter Russia's war propaganda in every EU country and in all languages."


What is true or false is decided by the EU Commission. By acting this way, it is deliberately depriving every citizen of their right to free speech, which has become into a hollow concept that no longer means anything.

On the other hand, it is a brilliant move to lie through the teeth and pour a fat propaganda sauce over the world that cannot be contradicted by critical voices and is immediately dismissed as disinformation with an appropriate punishment of deletion of posts and suspension or deletion of accounts.

The totalitarian state is a fact.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the news on all channels is the same one-size-fits-all, nor that in numerous countries more and more demonstrations are taking place with citizens demanding an exit from the EU and/or Nato but about which you will obviously never hear anything in MSM.

By the way, did you know that during the morning of 28.02.2023, being the day of the train derailment in Greece there were also several demonstrations against the EU and Nato in several cities ?

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