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While that in Belgium has been endlessly palavered over the closure of nuclear plants, the UK, like France for that matter, wants to build 8 new nuclear plants. Not so in Germany where they have already closed most of the nuclear plants and are generating energy again with lignite and coal. Good for the environment and great for CO2 emissions !

Building nuclear plants demands a lot of money that the British don't seem to have or don't want to invest in. That's also a possibility. But, hey, there's Bill Gates, suddenly stepping into the arena out of nowhere, proclaiming that he does want to build and operate those nuclear plants!

"TerraPower will enter a government competition to develop designs for a new fleet of low-cost small modular reactors with no emissions.

"Bill Gates is set to enter the multi-billion dollar race to build nuclear power plants in the UK, challenging Rolls-Royce in the battle for Britain's energy security.

The Microsoft billionaire and environmentalist is chairman of a US nuclear developer called TerraPower, which is preparing to compete in a new government-backed competition to develop small modular reactors (SMRs) in the UK.

SMRs offer the promise of emission-free nuclear power at a lower cost than traditional, large-scale plants, as the reactors can be made in a factory and then assembled on site without the need for massive infrastructure. The government is keen to include them when it ramps up the country's nuclear power production."

This news is not new. In August 2021 the international press already analyzed Bill Gates' nuclear plants but, as usual, we haven't heard a single word about it in the Belgian press.

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