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" If we vaccinate them with this the undesirable behaviour disappears "

What undesirable behaviour ?

Bill Gates is talking about the Middle East here. However, there has only been an outbreak of the MERS virus in 2012 , which the WHO said was transmitted to humans by camels. Before 2012, there was never an outbreak in the Middle East.

There was also an outbreak of polio in the Middle East in 2014 around which WHO declared an International Public Health Emergency, but that was several years after Bill Gates' briefing to the CIA.

Who or what are we than talking about ?

There was an outbreak of Sars in 2002-2004, but that was in China and was very limited. The virus infected barely 8,000 people from 29 countries and only 774 people died from it worldwide.

In 2003, there was an outbreak of the H7N7 virus, or bird flu, but that was in the Netherlands, which led to the destruction of about 30 million birds.

In January 2005, there was an outbreak of H5N1 virus or bird flu, but that was in 33 of Vietnam's 64 cities and provinces, affecting only poultry and killing over 1.2 million birds.

His explanation evokes memories about the movie The Manchurian candidate. In this film, US soldiers had a chip implanted in their heads that erased their memory and, when activated, triggered a desired behavior and eliminated undesired behavior.

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