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In response to Joe Biden's announcement that he wants to ban gun ownership by law, Ron Desantis, governor of the state of Florida and presidential candidate for the Republicans on Monday 03.04.2023 approved a bill allowing concealed weapons carry without a permit.

The new law will take effect on July 1. When the law takes effect, those eligible for a gun licence ( at the base any person + 18 years old ) will only need a valid ID to carry a concealed weapon in Florida. Failure to show a valid ID will be punishable by a $25 fine.

Concealed weapons bearing is the carrying of a weapon not visible to the naked eye ( e.g. in a bag, an inside pocket, in or under trousers, as well as in the trunk of a car or in the house ).

Governors have absolute power in the territory for which they have jurisdiction, which the President cannot question. If other Republican governors follow Desantis, gun ownership and bearing arms will continue to be allowed in half the states (and possibly more ). The ban on gun possession and bearing, if enacted, will cost the Democrat camp many votes and supporters.

The USA's political model is worth emulating. An absolute power to the provincial governors who are accountable to the local people of their territory and a provincial council composed by all the mayors of the province who are similarly accountable to their people. A short-chain politics.

And, to the limited federal government only powers pertaining to general domestic affairs, security and foreign policy with a government composed of all provincial governors and King-appointed ministers accountable to the governors who in turn report to the citizens in their territories. There's no more to it.

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