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Since Statbel does not release total figures for the number of deaths in Belgium in 2022 and limits itself to the statement that there has been a surmortality that year of 5.7%, together with a confusing Excel that allegedly shows the number of deaths per day and per age, we try, via a diversion, to make our own calculation based upon other available data.

Those with time and envy may plunge into Statbel's Excel themselves. The findings will be gratefully received.

On 01 January 2022, there were 11,569,034 registered residents in Belgium.

Enrolled inhabitants included in the population figure are all persons registered on 1 January of each year in the population and foreigners register of a Belgian municipality. Persons registered in the waiting register are not taken into account.

On 01 January 2023, there were 11,681,087 registered residents in Belgium

( immigration and emigration during the year 2022 taken into account ).

Difference with 2022 : + 112,053

These figures give the impression that despite a 5.7% excess mortality rate in 2022, the population has increased quite nicely. However, things are put in a different light when entries in the foreigners' register are removed from the figures and the number of births is taken into account.

According to Statbel, about 13,800 children were born in 2022 ( which is reportedly - 2.4% or 2,800 less than in the period 2018-2021 ).

In 2022, Belgium also has registered about 103,000 temporary immigrants including about 63,000 Ukrainians receiving social housing and other assistance.

Thus, under the assumption that zero people would have died in 2022, the Belgian population in 2022 should have consisted of 11,785,834 people ( 11,569,034 + 13,800 + 103,000 ). However, there were only 11,681,087 registered residents on 01.01.2023 ( immigration and emigration over the current year taken into account ). This means that basically 104,747 people died in 2022.

Before the Covid pandemic, during a normal year, an average of 300 people died per day or 108,000 people per year. A total mortality of 104,747 people in 2022 would indicate an under mortality, but this is not the case.

The fact that Statbel itself states that there is an SURMORTALITY of 5.7% compared to the pre-pandemic era average that it always uses as a benchmark and the Belgian press in January 2023 even mentioned an SURMORTALITY of 19%, leads to the conclusion that the population figures released by Statbel on 21 January 2023 regarding the year 2022 are not correct.

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