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Carine Knapen

Yesterday, 21.03.2023, an interview with Cathy Berx has been published in the Flemish magazine Knack. Cathy Berx is Province Governor of Antwerp and until July 2022 also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tropical Institute of Medicine which has received $130 million in grants from the Gates Foundation over the past 13 years.

The lady accumulates 10 mandates. That's possible. No problem.

During the corona debacle, Berx acted as a true tyrant. She is the one who kept the fuse on the curfew in the province of Antwerp, which Belgium had not seen since 1941 ( WWII ). She ordered strict controls and heavy fines for all those who dared to wander outside after the stroke of midnight and until 6 in the morning.

An awful lot of fines have been issued. Even to people who were on their way home at 00:05 or 00:10, at a distance of barely 100-200 meters from their place.

Even walking the dog was not allowed.

Berx is also the one who had the great idea to order to count the pizza boxes and takeout meals during the end-of-year celebrations ( which were not celebrations, the country was locked ), in order to if what was ordered did not exceed the maximum number of people allowed per family.

Mouth masks outside were mandatory. Not only in public areas where many people were packed together, but also while cycling, jogging, a walk in the woods, in an empty street, in short, everywhere.

And now the lady suddenly says, as if it's nothing, that the mouth masks outside went too far ?

That is surely one to drop dead for ....

Berx has not been elected Provincial Governor. She has been appointed by the Flemish government in 2008. She cannot be fired. The appointment is for life unless she is criminally convicted. She can resign under the Province Decree, but she obviously will not do so because the position earns her over 100,000 euros per year.

Below is a summary of the applicable legislation :

In Flanders, a provincial governor chairs the provincial deputation and represents within the province the federal government and the regional government. He or she is the province's contact person, and is primarily a civil servant and not a political body.

Under Article 59 of the Provincial Decree, a Provincial Governor is not elected by the people but appointed by the Flemish government ( or the Walloon depending on the location ).

In accordance with Articles 64 and 65 of the Provincial Decree, the Provincial Governor is responsible for implementing the laws, decrees and executive orders of the federal government the region or the community, unless that power is expressly assigned to another body of the province.

The provincial governor is in charge of maintaining public order in the province, in accordance with articles 128 and 129 of the Provincial Law.

The Provincial Law of 1836 has been largely replaced by the Provincial Decree of 09.12.2005.

However, Articles 128 and 129 of the Provincial Law are still in force.

Art.128 : <W 1998-12-07/31, art. 226, Entry into force : 01-01-2001>

The governor shall ensure the maintenance of public order in the province, namely public tranquility, safety and health.

To this end, he may call upon the federal police. To this end, he addresses himself to the administrative director-coordinator.

He ensures proper cooperation between the police forces and between the police zones in the province.

He may be charged by the competent ministers with special assignments relating to security and police.

Art.129. In case of turbulent gatherings, riots or violent resistance to the execution of the laws or of the legal regulations, the governor has the right to requisition the armed force. He shall immediately notify the ministers of the Interior (and of National Defense); the commanding officer is obliged to comply with the governor's written requisition. <W 27-05-1975, art. 2, BS 22-08-1975>

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