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The story :

Philadelphia children's hospital has placed eight premature lambs in an artificial womb. What happened to the pregnant mother is wisely concealed.

Subsequent autopsy revealed that their organs were fully mature. This means either the lambs were killed after birth or they died on their own and the system is not as good as claimed.

This system would now apparently be tried on animals with the idea of being able to help premature babies in the future. Reportedly, the lungs are said to stop developing after the first breath and many premature neonatals have lung problems in later life. Strange that this has never been made public before. Yet premature infants have been born for centuries and most of them do well after a few weeks in the incubator.

Current technological developments are worrying. We are just one step away from artificial pregnancies and human cloning ( just like the sheep Dolly in the 1980s ).

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