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Friday early morning, warnings of airstrikes in all of Ukraine have been issued. The Interfax Ukraine news agency reported explosions in towns in far-flung regions, quoting local sources.

Interfax said that after midnight explosions were reported in Dnipro, Kremenchuk and Poltava in central Ukraine and in Mykolaiv in the south, and another online source reported an explosion in the Kiev region.

Interfax quoted regional Telegram accounts saying that unidentified objects in the sky were heading west of the country.

The propaganda mill is running at full speed. It's all speculation.

Today, May 1 ( 4 days later ) the international press is spinning its wheel like never before.

"Russia may have targeted 100 missiles at Ukraine"


"Putin fires barrage of missiles at Kiev, air defenses activated across country" (what is shown is just a fire in a company, where firefighters are operating )

No footage is available of the alleged explosions or bomb blasts. However, hundreds of Telegram channels exist that closely follow events in Ukraine and even record when a Russian farts.

Not coincidentally, this reporting comes at a time when Zelensky is again urging the West to deliver weapons, bombs and other heavy artillery.

This is far from the first time Interfax has warned Ukraine about air strikes on its entire territory. It happens with clock-like regularity and each time it is a false alarm.


April 2022 :




December 2022 :

20.02.2023 :


There is no record of any shelling or bombing of any of the cities cited above. Not even of Kiev. The bomb blasts that were widely reported by the international press last year were in the PROVINCE of Kiev, outside the city and targeted only arms depots and a biolab.

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