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During his recent visit to the Lowy Institute in Sidney, Australia, Bill did say more than what was described in a previous article. After perusing the study published by Anthony Fauci, he most certainly realised that there is little point in continuing to lie about the efficacy of mRNA vaccines so, now he has blatantly admitted that they do not work.

" we need to fix the three problems with the current vaccines = 1) they don't block infections, 2) they are not broad so when new variants emerge they don't protect and 3) they have a very short duration, especially in the people for whom it matters, that is the older ones ".

Bill does not care at all about the fact that that some 6 billion people have been inoculated with the current generation of mRNA vaccines which do not do what has been promised so often and about which there has been lied steelily over the past 2 years. This confirms once again that the man is a dangerous psychopath, unscrupulous and without the slightest empathy for humanity he claims to serve with his philanthropic donations.

Bill Gates' confession has been broadcasted by the American - and allegedly liberal - interpretive magazine The Hill. What follows is two smiling anchors who make no point whatsoever of Bill's statements. On the contrary. They stepped loosily over it and praised a new mRNA inhaler that could replace future vaccines. In fact, they could not do much else to cover up this explosive bombshell because the Biden administration has also strongly recommended the mRNA vaccines. Indeed, Joe Biden confirmed on camera that anyone who got vaccinated would not get sick and that he had already gotten his booster shot. One week later, the White House issued a statement that Joe was hit with ... Covid.

Spicy detail : in 2019 and at a time when BioNtech was still a small unknown company suffering heavy losses, Bill Gates bought shares of the company for the price of $55 million. This no doubt explains why he recommended Pfizer-BioNtech shares so hard and walked the floor of the EU commission to secure billions of contracts with Pfizer BioNtech. He did not have to go through too much trouble for that as Ursula von der Leyen's husband himself also had stakes in BioNtech from which, as a wife, she naturally also benefits.

Why did he invest in BioNtech in 2019 or just a couple of months before the outbreak of an alledged pandemic ? Well ....

In December 2022 and at a time when the value of BioNtech's shares stood at $300 per share, Bill sold his shares for 10 times the price he had paid.

Now that he no longer has a pecuniary interest in BioNtech, he can tell the truth about the produced rubbish and recommend an mRNA inhaler being developed by another company in which he has also invested.

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