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Yes. On 29.06.2022, it rotated around its axis 1.59 milliseconds faster than 24 hours. It was the shortest day ever measured.

If this continues, we will have to subtract one negative second from all atomic clocks and that - according to Meta ( FB ) - will in turn have colossal implications for technology and hardware IT infrastructures. While the impact of one negative second has never been studied on a large scale, they are sure that the impact on all timer-based computing will be very heavy.

Some press even claims that this is very dangerous for us, humans because all GPS satellites operate on the atomic clock and our smartphones, computers and computer systems use GPS and those systems can crash causing us to lose all the data we have stored.

How come the earth is spinning faster on its axis ?

Ah, well, some experts believe the melting and (re)freezing of the ice caps on the world's highest mountains may be contributing to the problem.

1.59 milliseconds, how much is that again ? Ah right, 1.59 thousandths of a second. Waw, that sure is a lot ! 🙄

And so that happened on 29 June for the first time in the history of all measurements ? And not since then ? Mmm... yes, of course, that is definitely worth an article in the world press.

Normally, the earth rotates on its axis at 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.091 seconds ( hence we have a leap year every 4 years to correct things ). No second can be added to that because the atomic clocks are set to 23h56 4.091. Leap year is possible, this is not.

Normally the Flemish press wobbles behind the international press, but on this topic it has been ahead of its time.

On 08.01.2021, the Nieuwsblad already headlined "Earth spins faster than ever: heading for a negative leap second for the first time? " Then it was reportedly about 1.36 milliseconds on 19.07.2020 and of course this was not a natural phenomenon.

" Why that slowdown has now suddenly changed to an acceleration is not clear. Scientists do not rule out that the acceleration is related to global warming. "

When will the MSM editors be cleaned up and replaced by real investigative journalists who practice their profession with seriousness ?

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Alles wat er al jarenlang verdraaid en verkocht wordt zoals een primeur en sensatie door commercieel ingestelde "wetenschap" om o.a. een (kunstmatige) boost te geven aan de economie is nog terug te vinden in zijn onbeschadigde staat in de "normale" wetenschap van vroeger. Hier is bvb maar een korte opsoming van wat al nu lang gekend is - en in deze internationale bestseller heel mooi en enthousiast uitgelegd wordt door Rachel Carson, een bekroonde marine bioloog, nog in 1951.

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