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If you are still wondering why the UN wants to decriminalize pedophilia and issues guidelines stating that underage children can consent to sex even if they are not of legal age to do so in their country ...

If you are still wondering why the WHO is issuing international technical guidelines for sex education of children in schools and encouraging sexual acts in 5-8 year olds in this ...

Then watch this video. They want to normalize pedophilia by application of the Overton Window.

Why? Because those institutions might be full of pedophiles and also have to protect other high-ups of the same caliber so that they cannot be prosecuted. Not that this will do much good because most will not be punished or even prosecuted. At worst, they get a suspended sentence. From this, we can deduce that the judges who have to deal with such cases are either corrupt or pedophiles themselves and unworthy of their office. However, they all have the same problem: a stain on their reputation that they cannot stand.

This problem not only exists in the USA and the UK but everywhere. It is universal (reason why the guidelines are issued by the UN and the WHO of which 194 nations are members).

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