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The world has gone completely mad. Now that the transgender mill is running at full speed, more and more other peculiar phenomena are popping up that actually show - no more and no less - what lives in the sick mind of many.

In previous articles we have already informed that - besides a growing number of people and youngster who are not satisfied with their gender and undergo very invasive, irreversible surgical operations to change their sex - there are also people who are not satisfied with the color of their skin and undergo all kinds of operations to change their skin color and, for example, obtain more negroid features (or vice versa).

That there now also appear to exist perfectly healthy people who deliberately want to be disabled and have their legs amputated or their eyes destroyed in order to be blind or paralyzed is completely beyond comprehension.

Unlike certain Flemish sewer newspapers that highlight and even promote between the lines all deviant human behavior, there are - thankfully - still newspapers with good decency that condemn this kind of wacky practice of auto mutilation.

"A disturbing social issue called "transableism" is attracting attention these days.

Transableism is a newer term for BIID, or "Body Integrity Identity Disorder", in which a person actually "identifies" as disabled.

Some say BIID has been renamed transableism to fit the contemporary trans community.

The purpose of "changing the identification" of a psychiatric condition (BIID) to a more socially acceptable term (transsexualism) is to "harness the stunning cultural power of gender ideology" to allow doctors to "treat" BIID patients by "amputating healthy limbs, severing spinal cords or destroying eyesight", according to Evolution News and Science Today (EN), which reports on and analyses evolution, neuroscience, bioethics, intelligent design and other science-related issues.

Culturally, transableism is "the next abyss", that site also notes.

" However, there is more to it than people simply "identifying" themselves as disabled, as many have decided to make their fantasy a reality by amputating limbs and other body parts to become disabled.

Some people have asked doctors to amputate them or cut their spines to become paralyzed. In one particularly shocking case, a woman in North Carolina identified herself as blind and took steps to actually destroy her eyesight.

This is clearly an absolutely insane trend that is as disturbing and dangerous as transgenderism.

First, there is the fact that doctors have all taken an oath never to do their patients any harm. Doctors disfiguring their patients' bodies in the name of a perverse fad is a direct violation of that oath.

"The Hippocratic Oath obliges doctors to do no harm," Jane Orient, director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons told Fox News. "Mutilating the body is an objective evil, even if it subjectively makes the patient feel better."

We should also point out that this is simply insulting to people who suffer from real physical disabilities.

These people live a life of real pain as a result of their disability. If they had a choice, they would not want to be disabled. People who disguise themselves to get a crooked status symbol are ridiculing their suffering."

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