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On September 15, 2021, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced in her State of the Union address, an EU Chips Act, highlighting the need to connect Europe's world-class research capabilities and become fully autonomous in terms of chip development, thus anticipating future supply chain disruptions ( as we experienced during the Covid pandemic ). It was and is intended to strengthen Union manufacturing capacity and support scale-up and innovation across the value chain.

On February 8, 2022, the Chips Act has seen the light of day and the European Commission, under the auspices of Ursula von der Leyen, issued a recommendation that member states are advised to implement.

In this link the recommendation which you can read in the language of your choice.

In this link the Chips Act itself :

On Oct. 10, 2022, the European Commission announced that it is working with member states to find stakeholders for the development of semiconductor value chains.

Semiconductors are the basis of electronic products found in many products we use every day. All materials can be divided into three categories, insulators, conductors and semiconductors. Insulators do not conduct electricity, while conductors do. Many metals are good conductors.

Semiconductors is the third category and hangs in between the two groups. These are interesting because with additions to the material, the conduction can be made much stronger. These major modifications cannot be done with ordinary conductors. This makes the use of semiconductors suitable for producing, among other things, ... chips.

In this link you will find the EU Commission fact sheet where there is explicit mention of high-tech chips. Choose your language :

On Dec. 6, 2022, the European Commission announced through a press release that the EU will provide a budget of 13,5 billion euros for research and innovation for the years 2023 and 2024, in addition to the 15 billion and 30 billion euros, respectively, already foreseen at an earlier stage.

By 2030 the project must be realized no matter how much it costs.

Now make the link to Pfizer's chip in pills.

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