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On 20 February 2023, while speaking to the nation, Putin announced that Russia quit the START nuclear programme. Considering the apparent lack of internal communications between the parties, Stoltenberg insisted at a press conference of 22 February 2023 that Putin would take back his decision and respect the existing agreement.

This demand again testifies of NATO's particular arrogance in expecting Russia to respect agreements when it itself does not do so. One remembers, for example, the 2015 Minsk I and Minsk II agreements about which Putin asked many times before the invasion of Ukraine to respect and implement. Stoltenberg did not even bother to reply and simply ignored the request.

He can expect that Putin will to do just the same now.

Where exactly is the rub?

NATO and USA know only too well that Russia has a nuclear superiority they cannot compete with, despite Biden's strong words and many verbal threats.

On top of that, China also has a significant nuclear arsenal greater than that of the USA.

Moreover, Russia and China have had close ties for longer than today. The mainstream media's claim that China has always been neutral and is only now moving more to Russia's side does not constitute a true reflection of reality. China and Russia are partners in BRIC which is increasingly expanding and has also sided with Russia for obvious reasons. The African Union and Arab countries are also like a rock behind Russia. So support for Russia is not just coming from China. As things are today, an overwhelming preponderance exists against the West. Biden, Stoltenberg, Von der Leyen and co. They better back off because they will lose no matter how many more weapons and money they throw at Ukraine.

President Xi will shortly present a proposed peace treaty whose contents are already partly known to the West. That Peace Treaty would reportedly involve Ukraine granting the Donbass and Crimea to Russia in return for which Putin would stop the invasion. President Xi most probably knows very well why he is putting such an overconfident proposal on the table. If it is not accepted by the West, we are facing exciting times.

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