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The French newspaper Le Parisien was recently able to lay its hands on a secret report by the IGAS ( Inspection Générale des Affaires Sociales ) on the Covid policy, which former Health Minister Olivier Veran has anxiously kept hidden in the bottom drawer of his desk since November 2020, even though it should have been made public in accordance with current legislation.

We don't need to look very far for the reason. The report exposes many things that cannot bear the light of day and which, curiously enough, bear striking similarities to what we have seen in Belgium with Maggie De Block, Wouter Beke & co. It seems as if the ladies and gentlemen who wielded the scepter regarding our health all followed the same playbook.

Maggie De Block was discredited in 2020 when it was revealed that she had ordered the destruction of the strategic stock of mouth masks ( 5 million pieces ) because they were allegedly past their expiration date. Now it appears that her French colleague has done exactly the same. Consequently there has also been a high shortage of protective equipment in French hospitals and residential care centers. Coincidence?

Subsequently, Belgium was confronted with the scandal of contact tracing The contract should have been awarded through a public tender which never took place. Minister Wouter Beke awarded the contract, the day after the public tendering period was opened, to a private consortium that acted with insider information. All neatly arranged. When it leaked out, Wouter muttered that he had done it this way because it was urgent. He couldn't wait for the 3-week subscription period he himself had anticipated.

And if all this was not bad enough, the hundreds of employees of that consortium revealed themselves via social media that they were twiddling their thumbs, did not know what to do, were not instructed and were not properly trained. Not much later, it was then revealed that there was no organization at all and the tracing departments were understaffed. In France, things went almost similarly with the sole difference that there they worked with volunteers but the chaos was identical.

The French crisis center was understaffed and poorly organized which gave rise to a lot of errors in management and data. It was no different in Belgium. On 25.09.2020, the then Director of Sciensano, Sophie Qouilin, was questioned in the Covid Commission about the deplorable operation of this non-profit organization, which was responsible for processing all the figures and data that formed the basis of all the freedom-restricting measures. The Flemish media kept quiet about it but the Walloon newspaper Le Soir - present at the hearing - quickly published the lady's statements. Sciensano was reportedly severely understaffed and underfunded. Staff members were required to process figures until 3 a.m. in the morning. No one should be surprised, then, that errors had happened in data processing. Forget about it. Sand on the beach. .

The first wave of the Covid crisis and the lockdown associated with it crippled the world and caused gigantic economic damage, which - due to the many quarantines with staff outages - led to major shortages in the supply and demand market. Instead of learning the necessary lessons from this painful experience and making the necessary provisions for the next wave that was already predicted at the time, policy makers in all Western countries let things run their course, put the world back into a - second - lockdown for 8 months and pushed the population and economy even deeper into the pit.

Hospitals in all Western countries were severely overstretched. There was a huge shortage of staff but there was no investment in additional beds and labor in any country. So many similarities in approach and policy in each country, is too much to be coincidental.

Inflation was already making itself felt in the early 2020s and reached an all-time high in 2022. A black sheep was sought and found in the person of Putin. Their own part in the hell they themselves had caused was swept under the rug as usual.

All the pivotal figures have set their sails. Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson, Olivier Véran and numerous others have escaped the dance and are now doing something else. Maggie De Block was able to secure a post in the WHO's Directorate General. Former Prime Minister of the interim government, Sophie Wilmès, has retired from politics to care for her ailing husband. This is to her credit, but vicarious shame must surely have played a role in her decision as well. Wouter Beke has similarly resigned as a minister in the Flemish government but will soon reappear somewhere in federal-on-Flemish politics, or perhaps also be parked somewhere at some agency where he can frolic at a fat income. Their successors in the Vivaldi government are also already dreaming of their next post. They all leave a mess, yet they always get away with it as if nothing ever happened. In Belgium, France, the Netherlands. All Western countries. As long as the citizens remain disinterested and let things happen, nothing will ever change for the better.

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