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With these glasses you can :

  • have video conversations where you see the other person in 3D as if they were standing in front of you

  • consult your mailbox and use speech technology to answer e-mails that appear in real time on your glasses

  • work with 3D digital and virtual objects

  • Watch TV and films in 3D and, of course, listen to music

  • play interactive games from the comfort of your armchair or take part in AI parties and events

  • of course, all other possible features that are now on your smartphone are also on these reality glasses, which can do almost anything

  • you can even control a drone in FPV mode

Tell us. Why should the proud owner of such reality glasses still go outside and meet real people when the world is brought to him ? That there are only virtual contacts is just a detail. With 3D, it just seems real. And. no smartphone or laptop needed anymore. The reality glasses are all in one.

Soon all of you will be sprinting to the shops for the latest AI gadget ?

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