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While Macron scornfully addressed the Afrikaners during his recent visit, severely insulting the President of the country hosting him and with it at once also the entire continent, Putin is walking on a different track.

The international press made no mention of it but on March 20, 2023, 40 African leaders traveled to Moscow for a Russia-Africa Parliamentary Conference.

At this Russia-Africa Parliamentary Conference, Putin expressed his country's determination to build "a strategic partnership in the full sense of the word" with African states. The Russian head of state said he is "ready to shape the global agenda" with Africa. He also announced that "Russia has cancelled more than $20 billion in debts of African states."

The parliamentary meeting was held in preparation for the Russia-Africa summit to be held in St. Petersburg in July.

Putin also denounced the unfair distribution of grain leaving Ukrainian ports under the Black Sea agreement. Of the total amount of grain exported from Ukraine, 45% is destined for European countries and only 3% goes to Africa," he lamented, while insisting on "the global nature of this agreement, mainly in the interest of African and other developing countries."

Russia plans to expand cooperation with Africa in several areas - such as energy and medicine - and double the quota of African students in Russian universities.

Putin is a busy bee. Between March 20 and 22, 2023, President Xi was in Russia. Just before Xi's arrival, Putin received the African representatives and gave an inspired speech. $20 billion of debt has been cancelled. That's not a small gift.

The Kremlin's media channel shows that Putin has about daily meetings with world leaders from a multitude of countries and that he draws everyone towards him.

The USA and the EU are on the verge of collapse. Both Ursula von der Leyen, as well as Joe Biden, Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron only speak war language, They are very aggressive and behave arrogantly. Also toward their own people. The banking crisis is raging in full force, the economy is once again taking heavy blows. The West is completely isolating itself from the rest of the world.

The global agenda Putin talks about may well come from a completely different corner than some in the West think.

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