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The international press is buzzing about Pfizer losing $43 billion in market value in January 2023, or just one month.

The Flemish press, on the other hand, as usual, gives it another spin and headlined the day after the news was made public that " corona blockbusters are propelling Pfizer's sales above $100 billion but a huge downturn is inevitable," without, however, saying a word about this downturn which is already a fact.

The focus is put on Pfizer's huge profits, which is then again correct.

Pfizer has merely booked 37.8 :billion dollars revenues in 2022 on its Comirnaty vaccine ( which is 10% more than in 2021) and 18.9 billion dollars revenues on its corona pill Paxlovid. Its total revenues for 2022 exceed $100 billion.

These are staggering sums.

In the not-so-distant past, Pfizer was loss-making. Its costs exceeded its revenues. In 2020, Pfizer generated $40.9 billion in revenues on which it retained $9.7 billion in profits. In 2021, its revenues suddenly rose to $81.2 billion with $21.9 billion in profits.

The 50% increase in revenue, or some $40 billion dollars and the phenomenal profits, came solely from sales of the Comirnaty Covid vaccine, phenomenon that repeated itself once again in 2022 with an increase of 10%.

Vaccines and pills is big business.

It is not about our health but about money, a lot of money that Pfizer invested in 2021 and 2022 partly in buying up several other pharma companies that manufacture drugs against blood clots, heart disease and auto immune diseases, among others. The acquisition of shares was done through cash payments. Why Pfizer deliberately acquired just those companies ? Because it knew there would be high demand for these types of drugs and would then once again pass by the cash register, of course.

The mainstream international press explains Pfizer's 15% market share collapse ( purely in January 2023) by the weaker sales forecast of the Covid vaccine and ditto pill. According to Pfizer, these lower sales were expected and is this the reason why the share value fell.

Is it the real reason ? Could it not be that by now investors too have understood that the Comirnaty vaccine does not do what it promises, on the contrary causes many side effects with potentially fatal consequences and Pfizer will be faced with sky-high claims in the foreseeable future that could very well cost it its neck ?


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