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Pegasus III is a tactical, transformable, autonomous robotic system for reconnaissance operations within a city.

The 17-kg drone can both fly (up to 30 minutes) and move on the ground (up to 8 hours), for which it is equipped with a crawler drive. It can carry up to 9 kg of payload, including explosives.

The Pocket Universal Controller Kit (PUCK) is a single controller for any model in the Pegasus family, and can send autonomous missions to multiple Pegasus systems simultaneously. The PUCK uses government software (ATAK, Nett Warrior) and COTS hardware (Android phone) for its user interface.

There is also a mini version of the Pegasus. It can fly through an upper window of a building, land inside and drive around to map or explore the top floor. Other mission capabilities include advanced perching, flying over walls to see the other side and filming.

The base platforms include multiple cameras, an encrypted data link and a unique GPS function, allowing the robot to perform missions alone or as part of a heterogeneous system family with other Pegasus systems, manned and unmanned ground vehicles and decommissioned soldiers.

Why are such drones being built ? What is their purpose ? Is humanity so dangerous that they need to have their doings monitored by drones, right down to the living room ?

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