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Face masks may increase risk of stillbirth, testicular dysfunction and cognitive decline due to accumulation of carbon dioxide states a new study.

A review of dozens of studies on face masks shows that they can cause mild carbon dioxide poisoning when worn for long periods.

The German academics who conducted the study believe masks create a dead space between the mouth and the mask, which traps the toxic gas.

They say the accumulation of CO2 in pregnant women's bodies can cause complications for the unborn fetus. They point out that CO2 also contributes to oxidative stress, which can affect cognition and cause testicular problems in men.

Referring to the rise in the number of stillbirths during the pandemic, the German researchers said, "There is evidence that the use of masks by the population may be related to the current observations of a significant increase of 28 to 33 per cent in the number of stillbirths worldwide.

The German research team collected data from 43 previously published studies on CO2 exposure, mask wearing and pregnancy.

They found that after wearing a mask for more than five minutes, CO2 levels in inhaled air rose to 1.4 to 3.2 per cent.

In a mask study conducted in Germany, researchers measured the CO2 concentration of the air behind surgical masks worn by 15 healthy men. Within 30 minutes, the CO2 concentration rose to about 2.8-3.2 per cent.

In another study in Italy, scientists measured the air under surgical masks worn in a laboratory and found a concentration between 0.22 and 0.29 per cent within five minutes.

Masks provide breathing resistance and create a dead space that traps CO2, leading to more inhaled and re-inhaled CO2, the researchers said.

Incidentally, another study also showed that children wearing mouth masks accumulated dangerous levels of carbon dioxide within the 3-minute period.

It is good that there are more and more studies about the pernicious effects of wearing a mouth mask although the info currently released is not new. This was already known before the mouth mask obligation was introduced. Also by Marc Van Ranst who dragged his heels under his body to have commercials shot in photo studios for ... mouth masks.

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