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It is even worse there than in Europe. As reported by Dr Marc Siegel ( see video ), mealworms and house crickets are in just about all industrially prepared foods. Moreover, this is totally unregulated by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA ). Processing insects is legal but there are no rules. Some manufacturers do mention on the packaging, that there are, for example, crickets in the product and also warn about allergic reactions but those who do not read the labelling eat the stuff without knowing it.

As in Europe, the prices of natural foods like eggs and meat, fruits and vegetables have risen sharply in the USA, leaving people with almost no choice but to fall back on industrial packaging containing insects.

The insect issue is an event that affects the entire Western world. The approach and strategy to push insects through as part of our diet is also pretty much the same. This is not happening in other parts of the world.

Some may now think aloud that this is not abnormal because insects are already on the menu on other continents, but that is not the point. What it is about is the restriction of free choice.

In other continents, people eat what they want. In the West, consuming foods containing insects is almost imposed. Moreover, no account is taken of possible side effects.

Those born in a country where insect consumption is common have been brought up with it and have developed their own immunity against the possible harmful components. However, people who have never consumed insects and are suddenly forced to eat insect ingredients in food because there is no other choice, can develop a strong reaction against them.

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