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On 7 May 2022, Mark Middleton, 59, who was Bill CIinton's adviser in the 1990s, was found dead at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas, where his car was also parked. The remains were tied to a tree with an electric cord around his neck and a gunshot wound in his chest.

A few days ago, the Arkansas Police Department submitted its report. In this report, it concludes in a suicide although no weapon was found at the crime scene. The report did state that officers had found a gun case and three boxes of hail in Middleton's BMW SUV, but no trace of any weapon.

How could Middleton have shot himself through the chest ( which immediately led to death ) yet no weapon was found next to his body ?

In the hypothesis that the man wanted to end his life is it not an overkill to commit a double suicide by tying himself to a tree, putting an electric cord around his neck with the intention of to choke himself and then also putting a bullet through his chest ? Without a weapon ?

The police report does not mention whether a ballistic enquiry took place and the bullet in Middelton's body matched the ammunition found in the trunck of his car. In all likelihood, this is not the case considering he had only one bullet shot while hail causes multiple impacts.

During the criminal investigation against Jeffrey Epstein, Middleton has been linked to this man. At the time, he indeed let hem several times into the White House for a meeting with the Clinton's. It cannot be ruled out that the man has been silenced for good.

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