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Last Wednesday, around noon, a 7-kilometre black cloud passed at high speeed over the city of Istanbul, enveloping the city in darkness for 5 minutes and causing a total solar eclipse. No one knows where this huge black cloud came from so suddenly. It is a mystery. Moments later, very heavy rain started pouring over the city. However, no floods were recorded. The water did not reach residents.

Technology news site TechnoPixel suggested that this thick cloud may have been a particularly large and dark-coloured cumulonimbus cloud. Also known as thunder clouds, they often have a very dark, low-lying base, reaching up to a few hundred metres above the ground, the UK Meteorological (Met) Office explained. Cumulonimbus clouds are the only clouds that produce hail, thunder and lightning, and also lead to heavy rain showers.

Any explanation of how this giant black cloud appeared so suddenly out of nowhere has not been provided. They have only provided indications as to what this could possibly be but not a word about the origin of that cloud and from where it came. Nor a word about the peculiar observation that that black cloud caused a total solar eclipse only over the city of Istanbul.

The term geoengineering has not been mentioned although every scientist and tech nerd knows that experiments are carried out since 1946 and that geoengineering is used as a weapon to bring nations to their knees if they do not comply with what they are supposed to comply with.

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