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A group of center-right lawmakers who oppose to Macron filed a no-confidence motion today with the support of at least 58 members of the National Assembly, the lower house of parliament. The ultra-right National Rally also filed a no-confidence motion against the government.

The moves came less than 24 hours after Macron's government invoked special constitutional powers to push through his intended pension reform without a vote in Parliament.

The middle party's no-confidence motion received support from NUPES, a left-wing coalition of socialists, communists and greens. Far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon said on Friday the NUPES had decided to vote for the centrists' motion instead of tabling a motion of its own to increase the chances of approval.

The news is already circulating in The United States.

Marine Le Pen ( RN ) announced yesterday that a motion of censure against the application of art.49.3 of the Constitution on pension reform would be filed. This motion was tabled today.

In this link you can visualize what the motion of censure contains.

Le Pen's supporters expect her and her party colleagues to join the no-confidence motion.

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