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John Stewart Coleman (15 October 1934 - 20 January 2018) was an American television weatherman. Along with Frank Batten, he co-founded and served as director and president of The Weather Channel. He retired in 2014, at the age of 80.

Coleman obtained professional membership of the American Meteorological Society and was named AMS Broadcast Meteorologist of the Year in 1983. After 10 years of membership, he said that after attending all AMS National Meetings and studying the articles published in the organization's journal, the organization was driven by a political agenda rather than a scientific one and stepped down.

Coleman had very strong views on global warming which he resolutely contradicted. " Climate change is not real " he said.

In 2015, and at a time when he was retired as an 81-year-old with nothing left to lose, he sent an open letter to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, explaining in detail and also demonstrating that there is no causal link between rising levels of atmospheric CO2 and alleged global warming. Even more that that. He said that temperatures were not rising and global warming is the "biggest scam in history".

In the video below you can see and hear him speaking on CNN.

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