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It has been bickering between the US and Iran for some time.

Shortly after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Biden made it known that the US wanted to cooperate with Iran regarding its nuclear programme. There have been talks on the development and delivery of nuclear weapons. The negotiations jumped off. Iran sided with Russia and, incidentally, applied to join BRIC. This did not go down well with Biden. He has pulled the Zionists onto his cart. Israel has carried out a number of bomb attacks on specific targets in Iran in recent weeks, all of which have remained under the radar. The world press did not think this was world news. Now that Iran is coming out of its slide, suddenly it is world news.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps published a statement distributed by Iranian state media on 31.07.2022. In this statement, they claim that Iran possesses nuclear weapons that can reduce New York to ashes and reduce it to a hellish ruin " if the American or Zionist regime makes any stupid mistakes " and " in case of a hostile act by the US it can turn Iran's peaceful nuclear programme into a nuclear weapons programme in an instant, and turn the West and Israel's nightmare into a reality."

See the video with the statement in the article below.

The US is creating conflicts and conflict hotbeds all over the world. The warmongering of Biden and his administration is unparalleled ( far worse than Obama who has caused more wars during his reign than all previous Presidents combined ).

Pride comes before a fall. The US may already think it rules the world and can subject everything and everyone to its will but it will find out soon enough that this is not so. The unfortunate thing about the whole issue is that it is always the citizens who have to suffer everything. Even in the US for that matter where a civil war is bubbling under the surface.

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