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On June 14, 2022, the Russian Embassy in France hosted an official reception to mark Russia Day. The event was attended by numerous guests, including foreign diplomats, cultural figures and representatives of compatriots' associations. Among the speakers was Pierre de Gaulle, grandson of General de Gaulle, who expressed his attachment to the Franco-Russian friendship and regretted the many factors that he felt could worsen it. He was highly critical of Western policy on the matter, accusing Paris of "submission to NATO."

The West has allowed Zelensky, his oligarchs and the neo-Nazi military groups to get into a war, he said. "I have come here to declare loud and clear that it is in France's interest to maintain good relations with Russia and to say that we must work together to help unite and secure our continent, as well as to the balance, progress and peace of the entire world," Today, everyone recognizes the responsibility of the United States in the current conflict, the disastrous role of the ever-expanding NATO and the unwise policies of the Ukrainian government. The latter, strengthened by fine promises and fueled by American and European illusions, has pursued a highly reprehensible policy toward the Russian-speaking population of Donbass, multiplying discrimination, looting, embargoes and bombing."

I regret that the French government is committed to a submission to NATO and therefore to U.S. policy [...], NATO absorbs Europe

Regarding the conflict in Ukraine, Pierre de Gaulle warned against what he saw as the application of an American agenda in Europe.

"What do the Americans want other than to provoke a new confrontation between East and West, for the sole purpose of weakening and dividing Europe to impose their directives, their economy and their system?

See De Gaulle's speech in this link.

Pierre De Gaulle is as critical of the USA, Nato and the European media as his late grandfather who made his views clear back in 1966.

9 months later, it is clear that grandson Pierre De Gaulle had seen and said it right in June 2022.

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