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On March 13, 2023, the German newspaper Der Bild headlined :

"It is the most spectacular political transformation of the year: Lauterbach goes from being a vaccine fanatic to the saviour of vaccine victims!

This ZDF interview makes Corona history. Health minister Karl Lauterbach (60, SPD) suddenly spoke bluntly on Sunday evening about people who fell seriously ill after the Corona vaccination: "These fates are absolutely staggering and every fate is one too many. I feel very sorry for the people."

Indeed, "These are the most severe restrictions and some of them will remain permanent".

He wants to help those with vaccine injury, whom Lauterbach recently sought to force to vaccinate: "We don't have the drugs for treatment", and claims for care are "often very stuck". Therefore, vaccine damage should be recognized more quickly and citizens should be helped better.

What a turnaround on vaccination!

German Health Minister Lauterbach was until recently a staunch supporter of Covid vaccinations. For a long time, he conducted a veritable witch-hunt against unvaccinated people worthy of Goebels.

Now he suddenly admits that the Sars-Cov2 vaccination causes serious harm to 1 in 10,000 people. Out of a total population of about 83 million people, we are talking here about 8,300 Germans who have suffered serious vaccine damage that will now, allegedly, be compensated ( as if that would help ).

About the deaths caused by vaccination, the lid is not yet off the cesspool but that too will be in the spotlight just like the less serious vaccine damage that affects many more victims and the long-term damage in young people that will translate itself into infertility.

The evidence is piling up. On one hand, there are the studies and statements by the icons who have driven vaccination policy including Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates who have publicly admitted that mRNA vaccines are ineffective, do not work on new variants and are also short-lived. On the other hand, there are the overwhelming data from Vaers ( USA ), Eudravigilance ( EU ) and Vigi Access ( WHO ) that leave nothing to the imagination and ... the current admission by the German health minister.

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