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The leading magazine Nature has examined to what extent each European member state buys gas from Russia ( which has been the subject of so much controversy for several months ).

What do we see ? Belgium only buys gas from Russia at a cost of 4% of its total gas consumption. 4%...

The other 96% comes from 1) Norway (+-70%, 2) the US ( liquid form ) and 3) the EU ( which buys gas from Qatar and also recently signed a deal with Azerbeijan ).

The Netherlands is comparable to Belgium with 6% gas from Russia.

Yet all Belgian citizens and companies have to reduce their gas consumption by 15% due to alleged shortages of gas from Russia and the gas price has tripled since 15.02.2022 ( with an absolute record price of €283.46 per Megawatt compared to €80 per Megawatt in February ?

The lie is grotesque.

  • there are no gas shortages ( never been )

  • there is no reason to reduce gas consumption by 15% ( = Ursula Von Der Leyen's demand rejected by at least 6 member states - quite rightly )

  • Unless Van Der Straeten can prove in black and white that the gas price paid by Belgium to Norway, the US and the EU has risen dramatically AND why ( given there is no link to Russian gas ) a tripling of the price is absolutely not justified

This observation immediately also leads to some pressing questions :

  1. how much has Belgium been paying its respective suppliers per megawatt of gas since 15.02.2022 ?

  2. Why are no dates published on this but on the contrary all info is withheld ?

  3. How many taxes and excise duties does the Federal ( respectively the Flemish and Walloon ) governments pocket when reselling gas ?

Government is accountable to citizens for everything it does in our interest. It should be open and transparent and respect the Public Administration Act.

How does Tine Verstraeten explain a tripling of gas prices since 15.02.2022 and an imposed 15% reduction in gas consumption when only 4% of gas comes from Russia ?

Tijd voor antwoorden.

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