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Although 200 million poultry for human consumption have been slaughtered worldwide over the past year because of the bird flu, the disease reportedly continues to emerge. French farmers are desperate. They have no idea what their future will look like.

Although the French agriculture minister is aware that vaccination with conventional vaccines is ineffective due to systematic obsolescence, he still wants all poultry to be vaccinated with a new generation vaccine, or an mRNA currently under development, so as to stop ( forced ) mortality.

If this happens, every egg and chicken, goose or duck that French citizens will consume ( and possibly you too if the poultry or their eggs are imported ) will be contaminated with mRNA whose effects on the human body are unknown.

There has been talking for longer than today that future vaccinations will no longer be via inoculation but via inhalation or food. If staple food contains mRNA, it is more likely to be ingested by the entire population than via a call for vaccination.

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