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Navigation warnings have been leaked indicating that France is preparing missile tests, which it itself classifies as " dangerous " (hazardous).

SLBMs will be launched daily between 14 April and 7 May 2023. They will be fired from a submarine south of the Breton coast. The target area is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The target area is 1.6 times wider than a similar test that took place on 12 June 2020, which may indirectly indicate tests of SLBMs with multiple warheads with individual guidance units.

An SBLM ( submarine-launched ballistic missile ) is a submarine-launched ballistic missile. Modern variants typically deliver multiple independently aligned reactors, each carrying a warhead, that allow a single launched missile to strike multiple targets.

Why is France testing long-range ballistic missiles in the Atlantic? How much environmental damage will this again cause to underwater fauna and flora ? Everyone, with Macron in the lead, has their mouths full about the climate, but for these kinds of games, climate plays no role ?

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