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The filthy indoctrination practices of the MSM clearly have no limit. The Flemish newspaper De Standaard devoted an article to a deranged female who said she had an abortion because of the climate and because nappies are " super-polluting". Under the photo - which speaks volumes about the living conditions, poor hygiene and rubbish lying around of the person in question - it then says " if I could ever have another child, I would welcome it now ", which immediately completely disproves her earlier statement. The lady is not at all convinced that the climate problem and super-polluting nappies are a problem. She is the problem. What the person needs in the first place is psychiatric assistance.

Is this topic news important enough to devote a newspaper article to it ? No, not at all. Question then is what is De Standaard aiming at with this ?

Manipulate the minds of the population ? Applying the Overton window and giving young people the idea that abortion because of the climate crisis ( which is not there ) is " normal " ? This kind of practice is inexcusable.

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