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The European Parliament counts 750 MEPs from 27 member states. During the Covid debacle and vaccination campaigns, quite a few MEPs literally and figuratively slapped their hand on the table and denounced the mendacious narrative. The many side effects of the mRNA vaccines, the curfews, the lockdowns, the mouth mask requirement... Just about everything has been covered. They have, however, all been ignored, mocked or laughed away although they proclaimed nothing but the truth. A bitter truth that the world will feel for a long time to come.

Why is all that is so obvious evidences continuously swept under the carpet by the mainstream press and governments? What interests are at play here ?

In March 2022, Pfizer has been convicted by a US court to release all its documents on the Covid vaccine. Pfizer had previously demanded secrecy over its papers over a period of 75 years, which immediately made clear to any good observer that Pfizer was desperate to keep certain information from the public. The US court had no ears to Pfizer’s demands. The only concession it did obtain was the authorization to spread the release of all its documentation over time: 50,000 pages per month.

When the first set of internal Pfizer documents were released, many experts and scientists studied all the paperwork. They came to the startling realisation that Pfizer had simply skipped phase II of the vaccine research ( testing on animals ) and had immediately started testing the mRNA product it had allegedly invented and set out in June 2020 on humans, being phase 3. In July 2020, Pfizer released the protocols of the criteria that test subjects had to meet. Female test subjects were not allowed to be pregnant nor intend to become pregnant within 2 months, nor breastfeed. All subjects were not allowed to have sex without a condom for 28 days after the injection. People with underlying conditions were excluded as were children -18 years and the elderly +65 years. The test subjects had to be perfectly healthy and were restricted to certain age groups. Peculiar.

On 21.12.2020, Pfizer obtained a provisional, conditional marketing authorisation for its mRNA product from the European Medicines Agency. This authorisation is written in English language and covers 146 pages, which few have read. Certainly not the mainstream press, orr maybe they did but decided to conceal the fact that the Pfizer vaccine was still in an experimental phase and not due to submit its final research report until 31.12.2023. There was also no mention of the EMA's warnings regarding the then already known risk factors and adverse effects with myocarditis and pericarditis topping the list.

Not much later, the EMA's servers were hacked and a series of emails leaked showing that Ursula Von der Leyen, president of the EU commission, whose husband has interests in BioNtech, Pfizer's partner, had put pressure on the EMA to deliver the provisional marketing authorisation as soon as possible - and thus without thorough investigation. The mainstream press spent only a few words on it even though this pointed very strongly to conflict of interest.

The second release of internal Pfizer documents revealed that it was perfectly aware of the many adverse effects its mRNA product was causing in a large number of citizens, from young to old. Indeed, in this second set there was a " post-vaccination " evaluation report of no less than 8 pages of adverse effects recorded by Pfizer itself, at a rate of 52 lines per page. So this accounted for over 400 known adverse effects that were also completely in line with the side effects registered by Eudravigileance, Vaers and the WHO site Vigi Access. A multitude of individuals, all over the world, have denounced these side effects. They have all been vilified and dismissed as conspiracy theorists. Big Tech routinely blocked them and deleted their posts. They were not allowed to be known. The unlucky ones also got the mainstream press on their roof and got slammed. However, they proclaimed nothing but the truth. Anyone who has taken the trouble to go through the internal Pfizer documents themselves ( no one has ever claimed they are false ) and/or consult the databases cited above has been able to see with their own eyes that many adverse effects have indeed been recorded, some of which have been fatal for those involved.

Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, has been questioned several times in a variety of court hearings. The man continues to lie coldhearted. He has been doing so since day one, when he declared with a straight face in front of the entire press that the Comirnaty vaccine was 94% effective and that the virus no longer stood a chance after two inoculations. Everyone knows by now that this was a big lie. All the elderly have by now already received a 5th injection. Last week, France officially launched its campaign for the 4th booster or 6th syringe.

The Pfizer saga continues. Recently, at a Covid hearing before the European Parliament, a Pfizer executive confessed that prior to the commercial launch of its product, the company had not investigated whether its product protected against infection and infectivity or transmission of the virus. If not, against what then ?

That the Pfizer vaccine does not protect against infection and infectivity we already know for a long time. The state experts stated publicly many months ago : " we have never claimed that the vaccine protects against infection and infectivity ". In order to justify the continued vaccine campaigns they added that those who get vaccinated get less sick, knowing for a full fact there is no way to prove this. No negative proof can be provided. In fact, practice shows that this too is absolute nonsense. The fact that Pfizer itself, politicians and governments as well as the mainstream media have lied flat out about this product that causes side effects in many people is food for thought. All those who warned the world to wait for more data to become available have been proved right. That they have been slammed by the mainstream press and dismissed as conspiracy theorists is also thought-provoking.

What’s next ?

In June and December 2020 respectively, Ursula Von Der Leyen bought a total of 4.3 billion first-generation vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Astrazeneca, while the EU has a population of barely 470 million, children included. A simple calculation shows that this is good for 8-9 vaccinations per person. Of course, what has been purchased is not going to be thrown away such as they did after the swine flu in 2009. Since December 2020, another unprecedented quantity of second-generation vaccines have been purchased that purportedly protect against Omicron and its sub-variants. These will not be thrown away either. The EU will want to inoculate them to all EU citizens who, however, are increasingly reluctant to receive yet another injection against " something " when no one has the slightest idea what the stuff is actually good for and whether there is anything good about it at all that makes people better. Click here for the video with Pfizer’s declarations.

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