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The company Boston Dynamics has launched a Dogbot in 2020 that can, among other things, perform surveillance missions in cities, business parks and who knows what else in the future. Cost : minimum 74,500 USD depending on the features you want.

Chinese company Unitree Dogbots has presented its latest creation in 2021 : the Unitree Go1 Dogbot. The creature costs around 2,700 USD and can carry a bottle of water for you while you jog. In the future, it might also be able to carry your packed lunch.

Er quite a few robots for human applications already exist.

These include :

  • IPAL An avatar humanoid care robot designed for children and the elderly, serving as a social companion, teacher and safety monitor. This robot has legs on wheels and can ride around in entire house. It can sing, dance, chat with you and provide essential services. It has a built-in camera, 5 microphones, wifi and bluetooth. So it can also stream music for you. Cost : USD 102,000

  • SAM A companion robot for children, elderly and people with disabilities. The robot has been deployed in US WZC since 2015 for regular check-ups and non-medical assistance to residents and is mainly intended to save staff costs, avoid accidents and isolation of the elderly. Children and elderly people can talk to family, doctors and nurses via the display. Thus, they never feel alone again.

  • RO-BEAR A nurse robot that can perform various tasks such as lifting a patient from a bed to a wheelchair or supporting a patient when he moves. And cuddling of course it can do that too. The robot weighs 140 kg and has a lot of strength but is programmed to be gentle at all times.

  • CARE-O-BOT 4 This is a mobile assistant robot that can help elderly people with daily tasks. There are 6 possible configuration options according to what the owner needs and their budget. The robot can perform household tasks such as handing out food, drink and medication, assistance with cooking and cleaning. It can make emergency calls, organise video conferences, have active conversations with the user and boost their cognitive functions. So it also acts as a companion bot to combat loneliness.

  • BUDDY Buddy is an emotional companion bot intended mainly for elderly people and children. It can play with children and teach them all kinds of things. They also watch over their safety, provide assistance and entertain to combat boredom. This applies equally to the elderly so that they do not feel lonely. In the user's absence, Buddy monitors the residence and alerts the user if an irregularity is detected. Buddy also watches over your sleep and is your connection to the world through a variety of features such as Skype, Facetime and social media. It also provides useful information like weather forecast, the hour, traffic, tasty recipes. Finally, Buddy can also measure the user's medical condition, advise what medication to take and call emergency services if something is wrong.

  • There are plenty of other social bots on the market that are a bit cheaper. There is even already a top 5 made up of the best bots, so you will always have a bot to interact with and never feel alone, even when you are in isolation.

Why should people still develop social contacts outside their homes and have real, authentic, human interactions when there are such amazing bots and robots ? Why still keep pets ? Don't need all that anymore. Ai is taking over everything.

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