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In 1988, Mark Rutte ( then 21, still a History student and freshly elected president of the liberal youth movement JOVD ) defended commercial surrogacy maw sale of surrogate mother babies whose price, according to him, should vary according to the mother's status.

In the period 1992-1994, the JOVD was also in favour of sex with animals.

In a fact-check regarding Rutte's alleged link with Marc Dutroux ( which is not true ) we read the following :

©Arno Mikkor

" According to journalist and TV presenter Jort Kelder, who was a member of the main committee as secretary PR in his JOVD days from December 1987 to June 1989, there was "a curious network of fags within the JOVD" at the time of Ruttes' presidency. According to Kelder, these libertine homosexual JOVD members were also behind the 'bestiality motion' after Ruttes' time.

If there was indeed a pedomotion, which Kelder does not recall, it must have come from this 'faggot network'. But Rutte had nothing to do with this, says Kelder: 'It seems out of the question to me that Mark had anything to do with that, anything related to sex doesn't interest him anyway. "

In the same fact-check we further read :

" The JOVD did support the legalisation of paedophilia in the 1970s, but that was before Mark Rutte's time, according to the JOVD history book De weg naar de macht (2015) by historian and Kanttekening editor Ewout Klei. In 1978, the JOVD came up with the so-called 'Justice Black Book', which was presented at a special theme day on 7 October that year.

In this so-called black book, the JOVD defended the right to abortion, pornography and paedophilia. 'Just as for years women have been the property of men, children are still the property of those who exercise parental power over them. And in that sphere, the child is denied sexual feelings and the right to express them.'

The Young Liberals also felt in 1978 that the age limit of 16 should be removed. This limit would be unjust: 'Not the age limit but coercion should be the main criterion for punishability of sexual intercourse between adults and children.'

MP Bram van der Lek of the Pacifist-Socialist Party said in 1975 that he did not think sex between adults and children was a problem either, provided it was voluntary. As recently as 1985, VVD Justice Minister Frits Korthals Altes proposed legalising sex with young people as young as 12, a proposal he would incidentally withdraw after a storm of negative reactions. "

Mark Rutte joined the JOVD in 1984, at the age of 17, which he would chair between 1988 and 1991. The mere fact that Mark joined a youth movement with such serious brain twists says enough about his mind, which was already severely clouded by then. It has not improved over time. On the contrary. The man shows all the characteristics of an extreme narcissist and sadist ( severe mental disorder he already had as a youngster ).

It is almost beyond comprehension that this man was appointed prime minister of the Netherlands in 2010 and he still is today, notwithstanding the fact that government Rutte III has had to resign due to yet another scandal. What does this say about King Alexander ? How on earth is it possible that the King still accepts an obscure figure like Rutte as captain of the (sinking) ship ?

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