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Do you ever suffer from constipation ? Do you usually take a laxative that may cause cramps and diarrhea? This is no longer necessary.

Take a teaspoon of good quality extra virgin coconut oil in the morning, on an empty stomach,and gargle it in your mouth and under your tongue for 10-15 minutes. Wait half an hour before eating.An hour later, you will be relieved.

It really works. Try it out.

Coconut oil pulling has many other benefits. It kills bacteria that cause bad breath, it helps clear your sinuses and reduce toothache, it reduces infections and bleeding gums, it is a detox agent that improves your metabolism, it avoids gingivitis and cavities in the teeth and is actually much better than toothpaste. Moreover, it makes your teeth whiter.

Coconut oil is an unsaturated fatty acid that is moreover also very healthy to use in all your meal preparations. It is one of the few oils which may be heated above 100°. Many do not know this, but olive oil is only healthy when used cold. If olive oil is heated above 85°, it becomes toxic.

To enjoy all the benefits of coconut oil, you should however only use the unprocessed extra virgin. The deodorised version is treated and of lower quality.

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