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Since 1982, the number of liver cancers in Australia has reportedly increased by 320%. In the past 2 years, that increase has been very pertinent. Scientists have accordingly conducted a study on this and have come to the following conclusion :

Australia has experienced an astonishing increase in liver cancer over the past few decades and the epidemiological reasons behind this are puzzling. The existing recognized risk factors for liver cancer, viral hepatitis, and alcohol consumption, are inconsistent with the trend in liver cancer. Behind the effects of migration and metabolic disease lies a potential contribution of climate change to an increase in liver cancer. This study explored the climate-associated distribution of high-risk areas for liver cancer by comparing liver cancer to lung cancer and finds that the incidence of liver cancer is more pronounced in hot and humid areas. This study showed the risk of liver cancer was higher in the equatorial region and tropical regions. These results will extend the study on the health consequences of climate change and provide more ideas and directions for future researchers.

Yeah, well ...

This joins the list of heart failure due to too long hot showers, tying your shoe laces, watching too much TV etc....

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